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New Release: 4/19/2010

Michael L. George Defense Holdings, LLC has become Blackland Group, LLC.

Blackland Group is a cashflow-oriented private equity investor based in Dallas – the heart of the Texas Blackland Prairie. The Group focuses on high quality, defensible businesses as evidenced by:
• Historical stability and profitability
• Customer contracts/backlog
• Reputation/relationships with customers

Blackland invests across industries, but given the firm’s specific expertise, has a particular affinity for manufacturing companies, generally, and companies focused on Aerospace and Defense, specifically. The firm was founded by experienced operating executives with significant history of working with both the Fortune 500 and the Department of Defense. It looks for situations in which it can dramatically improve performance through the implementation of Lean Six Sigma practices to reduce cycle time and leverage the contacts of its principals, particularly within the aerospace/defense industry, to help grow portfolio companies.

Blackland Group’s Principals are Michael L. George, Mike George Sr., and C. Scott Shedd. Michael L. George & Michael George, Sr. founded and led George Group Consulting, L.P., the nation’s leading consultant in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma practices. Michael L. George was Vice President for George Group’s Federal Services division, and led George Group’s entry into the Federal space resulting George Group’s being awarded more than $160 million in prime contracts from the Army, Navy & Marine Corps. Mike George, Sr., George Group’s CEO and author of books on Lean Six Sigma and Fast Innovation, trained more than half the Admirals and Generals in the Army and Navy in Lean Six Sigma. George Group’s annual revenue rate had grown to $120 million by 2007, when it was sold to Accenture. C. Scott Shedd was Vice President at Jefferies & Company, working in the Financial Sponsors Group, then starting and running the Private Equity Placement group, raising structured equity capital to finance complex situations.

Investment Criteria:

Company Size:
Revenues between $10 - $400 million
Across industries, but has a particular interest in manufacturing companies and those focused on Aerospace and Defense.
Established operations – minimum of $1.0 million of EBITDA
Growth Potential:
Significant opportunities to leverage the relationships of Blackland’s Principals
Past Performance:
Superior reputation/past performance from customers’ perspective
Potential for Blackland principals to add meaningful value through improved operational efficiency, strategy and product and market development.
Headquarters in the United States
Equity Investment:
Control position, but will invite co-investment by strategic partners and management; Total required equity between $5 - $50 million.

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